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Property Solutions at 2N Property

We put a stop to those problems which leave you tired and frustrated and plague owners, landlords, investors and agents alike.  When you’re financially and emotionally stretched to the limit with not enough hours in the day, then all you have to do is:

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Solving Problems With Your Property

Our specialisation

To put it simply ….. we create mutually beneficial outcomes that help all parties involved using creative strategies that solve technically and emotionally complex issues and situations.

Property still remains a people business and we put people first when creating property solutions that solve challenging problems with your property.

mutual property benefit with 2n property

Adding Value

Whether its land, residential or commercial real estate we look for multiple ways to add or create value to every opportunity that comes our way. We either develop the opportunity ourselves or partner leveraging our network to release it's value.


Shared Accommodation

Providing homely accommodation in a shared experience environment.


Short Term Lets

Catering to the business and leisure market seeking a brief stay in particular locations at a home from home that delivers serviced accommodation standards.

Sell property quickly

Graceful Exits

Maybe you've decided its time to retire or you've just had enough and want to step away. That's where our creative strategies really come into their own to find exit pathways that work for you.

deal sourcing

Tailored Sourcing & JVs

You might be interested in property, just not sure where to start. We can either find you an opportunity tailored to your situation or you can invest alongside us.


Guaranteed Rentals

Property might still be something you want to be involved with, just not on a day to day basis. We can take over responsibility for everything and ensure you get your monthly Net rent paid and your houses looked after by our Birmingham lettings scheme and UK wide.

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Just call or email to arrange a convenient discussion about your situation and to learn how we can help solve those problems with your property that are causing you financial and emotional difficulty.

2N also provide property solutions to .......

Corporate clients like:

And .......

Private individuals such as:

Janet B

Home Owner

“After my divorce, I was burdened with debt and needed to quickly move on from a home that had become a liability and 2N were there to help me avoid the hassle of those endless viewings without a sale and the agonising wait to start my new life.”

Carl S


“I was thinking about selling a rental property I was experiencing issues with low yields and occupancy .  However, 2N proposed a solution which guaranteed my rent over a multiple years and relieved me of all the hassle and worry of managing it, and they even guaranteed me a sale.”

Our Founding team

Nic Windley
B.Eng. (Hons) - MBA (Hons)

Over 20 years commercial and residential renovation and refurbishment experience.

Netty bunn
B.Sc. (Hons)

Over 10 years rental experience.

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