Rent To Buy Homes

Does Your Dream Of Owning A Home Seem So Far Away ?

Things happen in life, we know, because we’ve been there.

Having experienced the gut wrenching, soul sucking feeling of going through a financial crisis and losing relationships and possessions we don’t wish it on anyone.

What hurts is that when you’re in your hour of need, it feels like the system turns against you, and you can’t seem to get that helping hand you desperately need to get yourself back on the road to recovery.

Rent To Buy Homes Scheme

We didn’t know about Rent To Buy schemes back then and so struggled for many more years than were necessary trying to get back on our feet.  When we discovered that this formula could make it possible for people to own a home much sooner and start winning back their self respect we immediately acted to turn this idea into a service as our way of giving back and helping others on their journey.

So, if presently you:

Then our private landlord  Rent to Buy Homes scheme can help you overcome these obstacles in an affordable way and if you’re willing to put in the extra work you even get to keep the additional equity you create through renovation or refurbishment work which adds value to the property over and above the sale price agreed.

This Is How Private Rent To Buy Can Help You


First you need to register your interest in our scheme.


How Is This Different From The Government Backed Schemes

The government’s Rent To Buy scheme is delivered in partnership with varying Housing Associations within each council.

Availability is very limited under this scheme and varies by council.

It is limited to new build homes in an attempt to meet targets for new homes which can often be overpriced for what they are.

The credit profile is also very restrictive, excluding many from eligibility.