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Recognising Property Needed A Responsible Approach

For years we’d witnessed irresponsible landlords flaunting the law, investors taking advantage of owners in distress and generally a lack of care towards the properties, people and environment involved.  After years of being on the sideline we decided it was time to play a more active role in transforming this industry and so 2N Property was born.

Within A Modern Framework

Property is a long established business and as such has many traditional practises that need improving which is where the introduction of technology and modern business approaches can make a real difference.

Our general approach is digitally centric and data led meaning we analyse lots of data like a data scientist would before we make decisions.  In fact we even wrote our own unique software to collect data across multiple sources into frameworks that we allow us to analyze the data and making meaningful insights.

Operationally, the company is built on digital platforms that can improve our performance and reach from digital design and project planning tools to digital marketing and customer relationship and engagement systems.

We’re both agile and informed.

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With A Social & Sustainable Outlook

Our people and planet and changing and as such business needs to evolve and embrace that change and facilitate positive outcomes.  With that in mind we are constantly looking at ways to improve our experience for the people that stays with us and to reduce the impact on our environment where ever we can.

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