Property Sourcing Company & Land Agent

Professional Sourcing Of Land & Property Tailored To Individual Criteria For Savvy And High Net Worth Individuals & Corporations

Sourcing Land & Property in the UK

Property and land … it’s everywhere …. but none of its right for me …. or so it would seem.

When you’re cash rich and time poor like many investors and businesses you need a property sourcing partner or land agent to help you find those elusive opportunities as many are either hidden away or never come to market.

There are many sites where you can search for properties and land that is already for sale, however many of these will be priced at market value and unsuitable for the strategic investor.

By combining on-market and off-market prospecting using both offline and online systems our property sourcing and land agency team can reach a large potential pool of owners, sellers and intermediaries that have access to the types of deals you are seeking.

Deal Sourcing Property For Individuals & Small Groups

For these investors and small groups we typically source the following types of properties >

And they are usually employing any one of the strategies which will have its own unique qualification and due-dilligence criteria to ensure a sound investment.

Land Sourcing & Commercial Site Finding For SME's & Corporates

For businesses we usually get involved with >

The Onboarding Process

Please take the relevant action above depending on the type of investor or service you require.  Once you have done this and we have received your request the following process will be set in motion:

  1. For individual investors or small groups you will receive a request for information which will include photo ID, proof of address and proof of funds (bank statement, equity in portfolio, FA/accountants letter).
  2. A call will be arranged with you at an appropriate time.
  3. This call will follow a set of routine questions that we must ask for compliance purposes and to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for.
  4. The data we collect will then be reviewed as it goes through our compliance process to ensure this is appropriate and their is a good fit between you’re requirements and our service.  At which point, we will then decide whether a dedicated personal or automated system approach would be the most appropriate way of managing the relationship moving forward.
Once we’ve found you a property we can even guarantee your rent each and every month.  As a property sourcing company and land agent we aim to make the process of finding the right investment and making it work for you as straightforward as possible for you. 
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