A History Of Property Projects

Here you'll see a selection of projects we've been Involved with over the years:

Location: UK

Land Development Project

  • This project dates back to 2000/2001 and was land that Nic’s father purchased initially to build.  Nic helped to multiply the value by 4x by obtaining planning permission for a bungalow and preparing the site.  The land was then sold to a developer who put 2 or 3 town-houses on the plot.  The next time we do a similar project we will build ourselves or JV to develop the site and maximise the outcome. 

“We learned a lot about recognising opportunity and the value of land”

Period Property Refurb Project


  • This was a complete modernisation of an Edwardian villa back in 2006 and required a  full rewire, new central heating (had storage heaters), new windows fitting and replastering throughout.  A period tile floor entrance was refurbished along with wooden floors, bathroom was moved upstairs and a new toilet/shower added along with complete kitchen remodel and cellar refurb.  New driveway in front and garden completely remodelled.  Looked great when it was finished.  We’ll be adding before and after video and photo’s soon.

“We love property with character and creating accommodation that people love”

Location: UK

portfolio flat sold in erdington 2

Location: UK

Flat Refurbishment Project


  • This was a rental property that we had in Erdington and decided to sell recently (2019) for better yields and capital appreciation opportunities (and also due to tax changes as it was privately held).  Before doing so, the property was refurbished (always to a high standard) and it really demonstrated to us the problems with having a managing agent run a  property for you who has no vested interest in maintaining its condition.  It required a lot of work to bring it up to standard and we had lots of “quick fixes” that needed permanently resolving.  It’s also one of the reasons why we started our guaranteed rent service

“Look after your property and your property will look after you.”

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