Guaranteed Rent Companies: A Definitive Time Saving List

As we’re in the property problem solving business and know lots of landlords who are looking for partners across the UK to help them solve their rental issues or become more hands free we’ve tried to make that search a little easier by compiling this quick list which includes a short review to help you find potential providers and make an informed decision about the guaranteed rent companies available.

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The Table of Contents below is clickable and will help you jump quickly to the region of the country most relevant to you.  Eventually there will be a further contents within each section to allow navigation to a town and city level.  Hope you find this useful.  The website images are clickable and will take you to the external website if you decide you want to take a look and find out more.  Of course, we’d love you to stay here and talk to us about out TOTAL Guaranteed Rent Scheme™, especially if you’re based in the Midlands.

Table of Contents

Guaranteed Rent Businesses in Central England – East & West

simply guaranteed rent capture from website

Simply Guaranteed Rent

This is one of those businesses dedicated to guaranteed rent only and when you dig around the site you will soon see that there is very little information or content. It seem to be designed specifically for lead generation only, and whilst the design is good some visitors might be wondering what’s really under the hood and who’s behind the business.

At 2N Property we try to put our company and as much information about what we do and who is behind it out in the open as possible, just like this article, because we know that it can help those that might need some assistance.

Five Housing Web Capture Example

Five Housing

An estate agency providing a guaranteed rent service. What I found most interesting about their website was the promise to pay landlords a specific figure, however it does not mention whether its gross or nett (before or after costs) and how they justify it. At 2N Property we individually review each property and we can typically pay all the bills (excluding your mortgage and insurance) so the figure is tailored to your individual circumstances and is exactly what you will receive after the costs agreed.

As a landlord you need to be certain about where you stand and we understand that. Whilst 2N Property may not be the cheapest of the guaranteed rent companies listed here, it does aim to provide a great service at a fair price.

PA Property Sourcing Image Capture of Website

PA Property Sourcing

Primarily a property sourcing business which also provides a guaranteed rental service. Difficult to get behind the business again as the website is more a brochure style “we’re great because …..”, which is fine and they may well be, however the world today wants to get closer to the real people behind the business.

At 2N property we like to do as we say and even make a marketing a useful tool for every visitor, not just a glossy veneer.


This organisation provides social housing services and has a guaranteed rent scheme to help bring in the properties which will ultimately home those vulnerable individuals. Whilst this can potentially deliver a very positive social impact, there are downside for the landlord, so it may not suit everyone.

The bulk of our rent guarantee at 2N Property is within the the professional market, however we do have (although not marketed well) a social arm for those landlords and properties that are an exacting fit. As long as these people get the help they need we don’t mind who you work with.

Pilot My Property Screenshot

Pilot My Property ®

At first glance this company appears to be focused on the short term accommodation market like AirBnB, operating from their central Birmingham office. They seem to be increasing their reach to other cities and have a nice front end.

On visiting their website for the first time we were unable to determine if they were involved with other types of lettings, however we have since been informed by the company that this is the case and we have also found small references on their website that does suggest that this might be the case.

Image Of Letting A Property Website

Letting A Property

Based in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire this online letting specialist offers a chargeable guaranteed rent service. Fees start at £149 upfront and £49 per month thereafter. They do all the basics that you would expect a letting agent to do, however unlike some of the other services mentioned above they charge a fee, which may or may not be to your liking and they merely do what any standard letting agent would do, just remotely.

Nationwide Providers With Offices In Central England

Northwood – Birmingham – see the Nationwide section below.
We hope to have our rent guarantee scheme currently run from our Birmingham office available from offices throughout the UK soon.

Companies In The North Guaranteeing Rent

Pass The Property Screen Capture

Pass The Property

This company provides a complete service package focusing more on serviced accommodation (SA). They are based in Leeds, and say they are nationwide providers having properties (not offices) in various locations throughout the UK.

Housing Social

This company is based in Manchester and they have a pretty thin website so it’s difficult to get a sense of their offering. What is clear is that they are a social housing specialist and they also offer guaranteed rent to property owners.

Capture Of Smart Property Web Page

Smart Property

From their based in Sheffield they specialise in Students & Professional accommodation (HMO’s) and offer a complete service package to landlords and investors.

jmha screen capture of offering


This companies charges 12.5% for their service package and also offer 6 months in advance rent. What concerned me about their offering was the use of Home 3 Assistance which no longer exists and all links to that site now redirect to a very questionable website. It could just be that their website is out of date, however its a concern that things aren’t improving.

Southern Rental Guarantee Schemes

Guaranteed Rental by Lebern

This site is part of who provide a range of property services and claims to be a Nationwide provider. I was unable to find details for any other offices around the UK other than the main London office which is why I placed them in this section, unlike Northwood’s that does have a nationwide presence. However, this does not mean they cannot provide their services nationwide with a distributed and mobile team, as can we, although our focus remains in the Midlands.

They guarantee no void periods and provide property management services that include ongoing inspections and tenant finding services free of charge and there are no commission fees, admin fees or management fees to pay just like we provide in the Midlands.

Howsy website screen capture


Another online letting agent based in London, similar to Letting A Property that specialises in providing letting services with the option to pay for a guaranteed rental income, which is essentially like an insurance blanket.

Langhams Property Screen Capture Of Site

Langhams Property

Langhams is an estate agents that provides a guarantee of sorts. They say the property will be returned to the landlord in the same condition as initially presented, subject to fair wear and tear allowances (so not in same conditions) and that they only cover annual maintenance up to £100, which would not cover any maintenance really as we usually work on around 10% of rental income on general maintenance.

web image of rent guaranteed website

Rent Guaranteed

A simple guaranteed rent service for short and long term accommodation to corporate clients much like ourselves. However not mention of how they look after or bring the property upto the required standard. They seem to be focusing on Milton Keynes, Northampton, London, Bedford, Aylesbury, Liverpool and Chester.

Central Housing Group Screen Capture

Central Housing Group

From their office in Cockfosters they provide what appears to be a good all in service subject to fair wear and tear.

Web capture of Apex Housing Solution website online

Apex Housing Solutions

This company manages over 600 properties across London and seem to be a very strong and capable outfit. I couldn’t see any refurbishment offering, however everything else seemed to be there.

Sandra Davidson Guaranteed Rent Page On Website

Sandra Davidson

This estate agent based in Ilford covers areas such as Barking & Dagenham to Wandsworth and Westminster and Milton Keynes they provide a fully managed package, however they don’t do refurbishments.

Assured Properties Website Image

Assured Properties

Covering the London area this company seems to be another provider of rent guarantee services. No refub included.

Madison Fox Screen Shot

Madison Fox

Another Estate Agent this time with a number of offices in Essex that has a guaranteed rent services it offers to landlords. No refurb costs included from what we could see.

Screen Capture of Paul Alexander Guaranteed Rental Page

Paul Alexander Group

This London Agent is also GR provider and seems to provide a good package.

Wentworth Estates Do Rental Assurance Scheme On website

Wentworth Estates

Another Estates company that has a Guaranteed Rental scheme which it offers to Landlords and this one does seem to include refurb costs.

Rent My Home Today Screen Shot from their website

Rent My Home Today

This company is a specialist and seems to provide a complete package from their office in London.

Screen capture of Asset Grove assured rental income service


A long established provider, since 1975, covering 34 boroughs across London.

Nationwide Rent Guaranteed Providers

These businesses tend to have a nationwide presence, so they have established offices in various locations across the UK.  Some of the companies above may also provide coverage in other locations, however their offices (like our own) are in a central location.

Northwood Website Screen Capture


A very large, nationwide estate agency providing a standard guaranteed rental service. Where this type of services differs to say the one 2N Property provides is that we take the time to optimise a properties’ ability to perform, not just manage it, in the typical way Estate Agents do. This also means that we are picky about which properties and landlords we work with I’m sure they deliver a great standard service, however if you are looking for a true value add partnership then why not give us a call.

And there we go folks ….. a complete list of guaranteed rent companies from across the UK which has hopefully saved you a bit of unnecessary searching around.

If you have any personal insights that you would like to share about the companies listed here or maybe you want to suggest new ones to add to this list then please feel free to leave a comment below.


The reviews provided on this page do not constitute advice and anyone considering a guaranteed rent partner should do their own research before making a decision.

Our best efforts have been made to ensure these reviews are a good reflection of how the company presents itself based on their website content (as seen by a customer), however, this is subject to change with time and as the company changes its marketing materials and we will do our best to update these reviews as and when these changes are brought to our attention.

All Trademarks referred to in these reviews are the property of their respective owners.

Please feel free to leave any comments below about your experiences with any guarantee rent companies below.

Nic W @2NProperty
Nic W @2NProperty
Nic has been involved in property for over 20 years. In the early years, he gained experience working with his father renovating commercial units, later came land investing and then period residential renovations which finally led him into investing. He holds an engineering degree and a masters in business combined with startup and international strategic business leadership which has helped him to become a full-time investor in property and other businesses. A big picture thinker that enjoys building systems, strategising, making a difference. Continually tries to be a good father and stay grounded.

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