The UK’s Best Guaranteed Rent Customer Care Program

Being a Landlord or Agent is tough at the best of times and the property market is constantly throwing new challenges at you that can often dent your passion for this business. We totally understand having been landlords and agents ourselves and it’s a primary driving force behind the development of this program, to bring a great deal of love, care and attention into a market which does an amazing job of serving people and to share more of that love and benefits when your properties are performing better than ever. So let’s see how we can do that for you;

3 Reasons Why Landlords And Agents Chose To Partner With Us On Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme

  • You Get Paid On Time, Every Time
    • Whether that’s Rent for Landlords or Fees for Agents
  • Your Property Is Looked After With Assurance
    • So Tenants, Landlords and Agents can finally be proud of the properties they live in and represent.
  • You’re Financially Better Off Than Insurance
    • It’s a more reliable and profitable revenue stream that gives you more time to focus on what’s important to you.
Landlords Happy About Guaranteed Rent

Ok, so you need a little more convincing of the numbers, well, please read this article comparing Rent Guarantee Programs to insurance for landlords which demonstrates the advantages of using a service like this compared to a traditional insurance policy and clearly shows how you could benefit financially by as much as £10,000 over the next 5 years with peace of mind knowing the condition of your property will be maintained above industry standards for general residential lettings.

A Two-Sided Service Program That Works For Everyone

We look after both our landlords and tenants which makes us the UK’s favourite guaranteed rent customer care program provider.

Landlords get a contract with a professional corporate entity who invests their time and money and provides you with regular updates on the condition and performance of your property.

Our focus is on servicing professional tenants who get a high standard of accommodation designed to inspire excellent levels of social standards meaning the property is better looked after and other people are respected.  Because of this our business model delivers a hybrid service company which optimises the performance of properties and goes beyond what a standard managing agent does.

Why not give our guaranteed rent customer care program a try with confidence, safe in the knowledge that if things really aren’t working after 6 months, then you won’t be tied into a longer-term contract that isn’t working.

Which Landlords (or Properties) Benefit Most From This Service

Landlords that understand the pain and difficulty of running a profitable rental property or those who no longer want to be involved in the day to day running because of other pressures.  These Landlords truly value what we do because we make things far more simple and manageable and its for this reason that we typically don’t work with new Landlords who haven’t yet experienced these problems.

Often the properties have become run down and require investment to make them work.

It’s this combination that   

Our head office is based in central England which is where we launched our guaranteed rent Birmingham scheme and now that it’s been perfected working alongside the great people in this industry, we’re now offering this service UK wide and we’d love for you to join us and get the guaranteed rent customer care you deserve.